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VeAhavta Clinic
Equal health for all

שירותים עוגן

Our services

The clinic provides general family health services, as well as a a wide range of professional medical care.



The gynecology clinic offers a variety of health services for women. Services include: routine gynecological examinations, family planning, installation of contraceptive devices, breast checks, cancer screening tests, pregnancy follow-up and more.

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Family Medicine

Family medical services and professional medical care in a variety of areas for the entire family. The clinic utilizes the service of a wide variety of medical personnel in order to provide the necessary care.

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The pediatric clinic provides the entire scope of health services for children. Services include routine medical care, vaccinations, developmental follow-up, treatment of communication disorders and more.

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Mental Health

In the mental health clinic we treat adults and youth in need of psychiatric counseling services, including psychiatric diagnoses and administration of medication.

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The clinic is open on

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 16-19

And Saturday: 10-14


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